Our governments have committed to keeping global temperature rises below 2 degrees. So what can companies, investors and cities do to accelerate action toward this goal?

We’re working on the answer every day

We run the only global disclosure system that demonstrates how companies and cities manage their environmental impacts. Over 650 investors with US$87 trillion in assets use CDP to engage with companies to improve environmental performance. And our data and insights guide companies, investors and governments to make better-informed decisions; speeding up the transition to a more sustainable world.

Our work is making an impact

Sparks fly from a circular saw as a man cuts metal with it

The world’s highest-emitting companies are taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

We helped them achieve 77% more emissions reductions in 2015 than 2014. That’s a reduction of 641 million tonnes of CO2e, more than the total UK CO2e for that year.

A motorway, viewed from above

More big brands are tackling greenhouse gas emissions in their supply chains

75 major companies, with a combined annual purchasing spend of US$2 trillion, achieved 3.5 million tonnes of emissions reductions last year. That’s like taking over 700,000 cars off the road for a year.

Water flowing over a weir

Investors are waking up to environmental risks from deforestation and water insecurity

In 2016, 365 investors with US$22 trillion in assets are using CDP to understand how companies are addressing deforestation. And nearly twice as many are seeking insight into corporate water stewardship.

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Companies are increasingly using a carbon price

Over 1,000 companies around the world reported to us that they’re using a carbon price, or expecting to integrate one into their business plan over the next two years.

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Cities are accelerating the transition to clean energy

Cities consume 78% of energy globally. 36% of them disclosed a renewable energy or electricity target to CDP in 2015.

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Through better access to data, capital markets are acting to evaluate their investments

In 2015, global investors voted CDP no.1 for climate research.*

We know disclosure works

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CDP is a registered charity, and individual philanthropists, grant-making trusts and foundations play a pivotal role in our work. They enable us to innovate, increase our reach and scale up our impact.

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